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Founders and Consultants

Founders of Yashi

Hampaye Corporatin that is one of the best-known building contractors in the country, is the main founder of Yashi, but Yashi corporation intend to release major part of its stock to producers and consumers. In future, producers of goods that sold in Yashi, will gain nearly 30 percent of the Yashi stock. This choice has already been made from the best producers and the granting of shares to be completed soon. For the same amount of stock Yashi will be granted to consumers such as contractors and well-known craftsmen. The main shareholders of Hampaye Corporation are Ms. Karimi and Mr. J. Sadeghi, both studied civil engineering at the Polytechnic University of Leeds in England and Ms. Karimi completed her master's degree in the University of Kingston in England. Hampaye Corporation management team in the last 20 years, managed unique construction projects such as the Parliament building, the residence of leaders of the Islamic Conference, etc. Custodians of Yashi establishment had been customers of construction material, tools and home equipment over the years and develop a deep relationship with many well-known suppliers through these years.

Technology Consultant

ABBREVIA multinational consultant, resident in the Middle East, have responsibility the task of providing programs and a comprehensive purchasing software, inventory, accounting, sales, human resources, etc.

Architectural Consultant

Consulting Engineers (Shive Degardis) started its activities since 2006 with the aim of developing projects in architecture and by employing specialists in the fields of design and management, attempted in addition to offer high-quality design on the base of updated world methods, consider also goals of the time and cost of projects by using management standards, thereby further improving the design in national-level, will also create capacity of competition with international consultants. Therefore, the company has managed to carry out design some foreign projects in cooperation with local and international consultants. It should be mentioned that Shive Degardis have achieved top ratings in some of competitions, including second prize in the public section of Architect Competition was held in 2013.

Business Consultant

Dr. Parviz Aghili Kermani and Majid Zamani are Yashi business consultant. Dr. Aghili is currently Director of the Middle East Bank and has a long precedent in the field of banking, management and the establishment of companies. He has PhD in finance from the University of Wisconsin in USA. Majid Zamani is the representative of the founder board of Tamin Sarmaye Kardan Corporation and has great precedent in the field of buying and selling companies and business model design. He graduated from Columbia University and is former adviser to the World Bank.

Branding Consultant

Fourmind Corporation is Yashi branding consultant and a leading company in the field of branding in Iran. Fourmind has been branding consultant and event planner of Samsung and Red Bull in Iran.