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Working Principles of Yashi

Yashi activities based on the following four principles:

Customer Service

Yashi is committed in addition to offer the best products and services, provide satisfactory purchase experience for customers through effective and emotional communication with customers. The simplicity of purchase is one of the main elements of shopping experience satisfying. More than anything, recruitment and training of appropriate human resources garantees offering standard customer services, then after that using pioneer information systems will provide feasibility of offering excellent services.

Goods Authority

Yashi strategies are Innovation and comprehensiveness of products and modern tools especially in the field of new energy. Yashi is also committed to offer comprehensive categories related to the home, with a full variety of models and brands for each categories and the most important is the best price in the market will be provided by Yashi.

High Performance

Possiblity to reduce the price was provided for Yashi by using pioneer and integrated information system and strong focus on goods and services supply system besides providing the best services.

Identical sales experience

Yashi consider to provide customer services and identical sales experience in all its sales channels. Identical sales experience is key success and future development factor of Yashi brand.